Pre-Fab Components

bullet Pre-Fab Components
These can be anything from a complete system of cable-ready assembly ordered "a la carte," all the way down to a loose bracket. This can be quoted either off of our Quick Ship form, via an email, phone or a fax request. Our Pre-Fab components can be used on almost any job or in any pre-fab shop to enhance your pre-fab efforts.
bullet Universal Stud Bracket
Our Universal Stud Bracket has many unique features.
bullet It can be mounted on either side of the stud.
bullet The far side supports will accommodate any wall depth from 2-1/2 to 6 inches deep for wood or metal studs.
bullet It has a built in first means of support for three MC cables entering or leaving the box (code requires a support within the first 12 inches of the box).
bullet It has a built-in retention tab that allows you to remove the mud ring without the box falling off the bracket.
bullet It can be mounted to our kickstand and be set to a specific height eliminating measuring and can be adjusted in one inch increments.
bullet It can be put on two spanner bars and placed anywhere within the stud cavity for dimensioned requirements.
Please refer to our dimensioned line drawing for additional details.
bullet 3 and 4 Position Brackets
bullet Our 3 and 4 position brackets allow you to span 16" (3 position) or 24" (4 position) stud spacing.
bullet They have a middle far-side support for added strength.
bullet They provide a built-in means of support for the MC cable entering and leaving the junction box. It also allows clearance for conduit behind the cable support.
bullet Our 3 and 4 position brackets also have built in retention tabs that allow you to remove the mud ring without the junction box falling off the bracket.
Please refer to the 3 position line drawing for additional details.
  Stud Bracket Mounting Height Support
Universal Mounting Brackets are sold individually for use in you own prefabrication process. You may also add a Raco 4" square standard (1-1/2") or deep (2-1/8") box with ground pigtail and any depth plaster ring.

All of our brackets come with the first mean of support built in (this feature can produce a $1.50 to $2.00 savings over conventional field support methods).

Our brackets have built-in far side supports that will accommodate wall depths from 2.5" to 6" deep. We have also designed our bracket with an integral box attachment means that allows for the box and bracket to remain securely together while the plaster ring is removed. This makes it possible to make field terminations in the box without the need to reassembel the box and bracket. Our Universal Brackets are designed to save time and money, and any contractor producing their own prefabricated assemblies could enhance their savings by utilizing our brackets in their assemblies.

Please refer to the stud bracket mounting height support line drawing for additional details.

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