Complete Systems

bullet Complete Rough-in Ready® Systems
Our complete systems include our patented, UL Listed Rough-in Ready® Universal Bracket, wiring devices, MC cables and protection plates. Our turn key Complete system can be quoted with or without designed drawings.

To quote a Complete system, submit complete electrical plans and we will determine where the Rough-in Ready® system can best be utilized. We will do a complete take off and include a proposal that will outline a per unit price and also the projected installation hours. The projected hours are the time allotted for one worker to unload, deliver to area, install the Rough-in Ready® system, clean up and finish plate at the end of the job. All MC cable lengths and plaster ring depths are determined by our engineering department and every assembly is sequentially numbered. Numbered parts match a detailed plan drawing provided by Rough-in Ready® engineers.
bullet Modular System
The system without drawings is the Modular style system. The Modular style system requires the electrical contractor to provide wire lengths, mud ring depths, device type, box sizes and quantities. Our Quick Ship form allows the electrical contractor to execute the take-off and design. This form provides an express checkout lane for contractors who prefer more control over their assemblies. The Quick Ship form can also save time and money over the designed Complete System with a savings of up to 3% and two weeks time.
bullet Drawings and Tagging
We use a daisy chain style system and utilize a numerical type identification system. Each assembly has a number that matches its location on the Rough-in Ready® layout Drawing. The system is designed so that assembly with tag number 1 goes to assembly with tag number 2 and so on.

Arrival on site: Rough-in Ready® boxes will be delivered to your job site on skids and arranged by floor or area and by room type. Each box will have an identification sticker that will tell you room type or area, floor, room number and how many assemblies are in the box, i.e. assemblies 1 thru 16.

Upon opening the box, your installer will find two drawings of the room or area he is working in. These will give him the layout design and starting point.

Layout drawings can also be used for as-built or record drawings at the completion of the job and will be supplied to you in a AutoCAD or PDF format.

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