The Rough-in Ready® U. L. Listed wiring system was initially developed by Denier Electric Co., Inc. for use on our own construction projects. Our system wasn't sold commercially until 2002 when other contractors asked to purchase some of our patented U.L. Listed products.

We have always searched for innovative ways to improve our company performance beginning with the "Moon Buggy", a 17' drivable hydraulic platform lift invented by Denier in the late 1960's and patented in 14 countries. This invention paved the way for what is now considered a basic necessity for most construction projects.

We started our in-house prefabrication department in 1979, and a design/build electrical engineering division in 1980. We purchased a sheet metal fabrication company that provided us with the tools required to develop and manufacture new electrical support products. Everyone in our company has contributed to the development of the Rough-in Ready® line if only by testing the products in the field. Their feedback was of utmost importance in producing and refining products that insure efficient, quality installations.

We now have a 31,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Cincinnati and a 10,000 sq. ft. plant in Columbus. We remain committed to research and development, as we are continuously striving to improve productivity through innovation.

Our Rough-in Ready® assemblies and products can not only save you up to 70% of your rough-in labor, it will also save you clean-up costs, minimize onsite safety hazards caused by scrap wire and cable. Our prefabricated system forces planning and provides accurate "as-built" drawings. We can reduce project construction schedules, simplify building maintenance and provide a user-friendly product for retrofit and future modifications. Rough-in Ready® is produced in a controlled environment under strict quality control utilizing state of the art equipment and a well-trained production team.

Rough-in Ready systems will suit almost any application. However, the best applications generating the largest cost savings occur when building condominiums, hotels, motels, healthcare facilities, hospitals, rest homes, and dormitories; all repetitive type projects. Our own construction group has been able to obtain the definite competitive edge providing substantial growth in these current hot markets.

We will be happy to submit a proposal based on plans and specifications or a bill of material sent to us.
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