Rough-in Ready® develops and manufactures cost saving electrical support products for building and construction projects with repetitive electrical need such as condominiums, hotels, motels, health care facilities, hospitals, rest homes, and dormitories. Rough-in Ready® is a division of Denier and now produces assemblies & products for national distribution.

Rough-in Ready® products include:

bullet Complete Rough-in Ready® Systems designed specifically to your plans and ready to install.
bullet UL Listed Rough-in Ready® Universal Bracket, wiring devices, MC cables and protection plates. A patented product that comes with or without drawings.
bullet Cable-Ready Systems – similar to Rough-in Ready's® complete system but without cabling.
bullet Custom cable support brackets and enclosures designed to organize MC cable runs.
bullet Pre-Fab Components: a complete system of cable-ready assembly or a loose bracket.

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